Events for Transfer Students at Texas State University

For Spring 2022 transfer student Quan DeLacy, he always knew he belonged somewhere else, but he needed to find where.

Every year, universities in America spend the third week of October celebrating transfer students. It involves an entire week filled with various events and treats. Ranked 14th in the nation for transfer schools, Texas State University welcomes over 3,000 transfer students from all over the world– more than other universities typically accept. Whether they come here for the community, academic opportunities, or the geography, the university has become a home to many. Additionally, they provide several opportunities that make transferring an easier adjustment.

Transfer Events at Texas State

Oct. 17-21 marked National Transfer Student week, and Texas State showed their support by hosting on-campus events each day for transfer students to attend. The beginning of the week started with treat-or-tricking at various buildings; another day allowed transfer mentors to meet students and give advice. For last few days were filled with workshops, tailgating, and even a glass boat tour at the Meadow Center.

Grant Specialist, Agustin Garcia, understood the struggles that came with being a transfer student as he experienced them during his transition from community college to a four-year university. His role at the Transfer Center includes planning and hosting various events for transfer students to partake in.

Workshops are also held every Wednesday during fall and winter semesters to show transfer students the academic and social resources available to them. On Nov. 2, a workshop took place at the Makerspace on the first floor of the Alkek Library for students to learn more about the equipment available there while creating some of their own products.

“Transfer students don’t always get the same type of support so with the benefit of using grant funding we are able to try to develop,” said Garcia.

Transfer peer mentors were also in attendance to recruit new students to sign up for transfer peer mentoring which pairs new transfer students with well-adjusted transfer students. Regardless, Texas State gives their new students plenty of opportunities throughout the semester to be involved with the campus and other students.

“Transfer peer mentors are kind of your point person for students to build that sense of connection with and to have somebody just to talk to as far as for what your experiences are like and talking about their experiences,” said Texas State transfer peer mentor Maisha Farzana.

Campus Resources

The Transfer Center is the prime place for new students to go with questions about anything regarding life as a student at Texas State University. Whether students are getting started as a new transfer or they transferred a while back, the center is a place for this community of students to go for advice during a major shift in their life. 

Navigation tours are provided by the university prior to enrollment, which showcases the important places in campus that will provide resources for them. Some highlighted places are the Alkek Library and LBJ Student Center.

There are various services available for new students at the library including computer access, study rooms, and video and audio production rooms. Whether students need to work on group projects or individually, there are several places for students to go in this seven-floor building.

For students needing textbooks or wanting some new Texas State attire, the University Bookstore has all of it to offer. Located at the LBJ Student Center, there are also other services for new students, such as printing out a BobcatCard.

Additional Information

Lastly, the decision is yours. It is important to understand why you want to transfer and ensure you find the school that will best fit your needs. College should be your home away from home.

“If anyone is thinking about transferring, definitely do your research on the school, and take time to actually think if you want to transfer,” said DeLacy.

As for every college, there are requirements when it comes to transferring to Texas State. Fortunately, in 2022 Texas State accepted 71% of transfer students that applied thus raising the likelihood of student’s chances. For students interested in applying, more information can be found here.

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