Art-Cube SXSW Video Interview

The Best Tool In Your Kit

By Miranda Gonzales

Hidden in the beautiful hills of Austin, Artcube hosted a SXSW event to beta test their website and also allow the tired artists to relax.

A beautifully artistic home helped host an event for Austin’s SXSW artists, to kick back and get away from the crazy times they’re bound to have at the renowned festival. Though it was hard to not get stuck staring at the view, once inside, a sign taped to a dining table asked guests to participate in a beta testing. ArtCube cleverly used this event to help get feedback on their website.

For 10 years the online forum, ArtCube, has been dedicated to making life a lot of bit easier for every profession. This freelancing company gives freelancers the ability to exchange “props,” job information, and things that would otherwise be hard to find. It’s essentially a site dedicated to community and eliminating waste.

Owners, Eva and Liz, share a passion for recycling items to a new loving home and with the number of site users, they’re not the only ones. With over 6,000 professionals in 26 cities around the Unites States, the forum has made a definite name for itself within the art industry. With it’s success, it’s expected to do much more within the upcoming years.

Through this site and event, ArtCube helped bring awareness to the simple fact  most people don’t realize the crazy amount of great things that are being thrown out. For the mere reason of people being “done” with it. ArtCube provides that place for professionals to help one another eliminate those instances and be a perfect tool for all!

Photos by Miranda Gonzales

The outside of the house was just as beautiful as the inside. Spiraled stairs led to two decks that looked over the beautiful landscape of Austin, Texas.
The deck that was at the very top of the house, had a view that made you never want to leave, as it looked over Austin’s Towne Lake.
Though the event was focused on allowing the artists to relax, the house that hosted it, was an art exhibit all by itself. Sand etched pieces of work were tucked away in all corners of the house.
Art pieces from some of the artists that attended the event, were strung all throughout the house that hosted the event.
Artcube co-founder, Liz Minot, sat with us and discussed her story as an intern-turned-founder and why she chose this route.
Artcube co-founder, Eva Radke, sat and talked with us about the company she started 10 years ago and where it’s predicted to go in the next five.

Video story by Harry Pollock

Got to speak to Eva Radke & Liz Minot about ArtCube, the newest software for Creative Freelancers to find work, recycle materials, and connect to each other.

Audio story by Rachel Orovio

Art Cube Nation Audio Story


As SXSW wraps up, the conversation about Art Cube Nation continues. Liz Minot and Eva Radke, founders of Art Cube Nation, a new platform being developed to help fill the unmet needs of freelance creatives, talk about how important community is for freelance artists. Audio by Rachel Orovio.



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