Best San Marcos Boutiques

San Marcos is a growing college town and has it’s very own premium outlets. While students love to shop, they find the best prices and pieces in the boutiques in and around their area. Each boutique featured has something unique about it whether it be the owner or the location. Three of the best San Marcos boutiques located in San Marcos are River Rose, Two P’s and Callie and Voge Boutique.


Audio story by Kelsey Maxfield

Two P’s and Callie


Article and photos by Briana Trevino

Voge Boutique

San Marcos, Tx – The newest boutique to hit the San Marcos area is Voge Boutique. Known most for its first location, Voge Boutique won best boutique in San Antonio for two years in a row. Out of all of the clothing boutiques in San Marcos, Voge carries the biggest, boldest prints and the latest styles in fashion and accessories.

From fun striped tops and matching plaid sets, Voge has it’s own style. A girly theme mixed with flirty pieces, their style is unlike any boutique San Marcos has seen. Their first location started with an idea thought up by owner Kristen Voges Bush and became a reality in May 2013. Voge has since expanded and moved to San Marcos in March of 2018.

Well known for their shopping “parties”, the boutique likes to spice up events with complimentary champagne, prizes and even a DJ. “I love the themes of the events and how cute the clothes are, you can’t find these items at the mall”, says Voge shopper and Texas State University senior Victoria Tucker.

Voge employee Gabrielle Garcia commented, “Our boss is AMAZING! She is literally like a perfect role model. She’s the kindest most hardworking person you will ever meet. Our managers are also amazing and all the girls that work there are beautiful inside and out and a pleasure to work with.”

Fashion Merchandizing major Lauren Phillips weighed in as to why she shops at Voge over other boutiques in San Marcos, “Voge isn’t like the other stores on the square, they keep up with the best fashion trends and have more unique pieces then some other places.”

Girls on the square can be seen with the latest Voge pieces every night and they are easy to spot. The best pieces come from Voge Boutique and their style is unlike any other. Located by the square right under the Local Apartments, at 210 N Edward Gary St. Suite 106 in San Marcos, Texas.



Photos by Sarah Sanchez

River Rose Clothing

River Rose Clothing opened its doors in San Marcos in 2015. The store owner, Chelsea Rogers, is the wife of Texas Country Music singer Randy Rogers from the Randy Rogers band.

Rogers named the boutique after her first daughter, River Rose.
The boutique has tons of fun, unique pieces like these cute T-shirts…
On their website, Rogers says since her and her husband travel a lot because of his music, it allows her to look for new trends.
…or these adorable print socks!


There is something for everyone at this boutique, from cute outfits and jewelry to lotions and fragrances.
To learn more about River Rose or to purchase some of their cute merchandise, check out their website or visit their Facebook page!
To learn more about River Rose or to purchase some of their cute merchandise, check out their website or visit their Facebook page!


On the website, Rogers mentions how she made it her mission to find clothing that was unique and cute, but didn’t cost a fortune.

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