Market Days

Photo Essay by Kasey Turner

Photo essay by Adam Byerly

On Saturday April, 14th I went down to Kyle, Texas to visit the Kyle flea market.
Walking up I saw a food truck selling refreshments popular with the hispanic culture.
Walking up to building they have tons of things for sale before you even can go inside the building.
In the hallway I saw these dishes going for 50 cents.
Walking in this store was filled with random antiques and jewelry and dishes.
Here was a nice collection of watches that were for sale in the store.
Here they had a lot of collectable coins for you to choose from.
Here are signs in the hallway trying to pull customers into their store.
Here was our favorite store as my friend Corri Westerberg was talking to owner Elizabeth Turner who sells vintage books, records, and movies in her store.
A collection of movies for sale in her store.
Classic movie “Erin Brockovich” for sale in the store.
A collection of old records for sale as cheap as $1.
Books for sale through her store of all genres.
Old remotes if you need one for your tv.
My friend Alyssa Morales ordered this grapefruit drink from the food truck. We had a fun time as the Kyle flea market.

Photo essay by Maci Nelson


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