Bloomberg photographer, gives lecture on Hong Kong protest

San Antonio– The San Antonio College journalism and photography program hosted a Skype conference lecture with Hong Kong-based photographer Paul Yeung Nov. 20 in Loftin Student Center and he discussed what he has endured covering the current political climate with the Hong Kong protest. Yueng showcased some of the photographs he has taken since this June when the protest first started.

Yeung, is an award-winning photo journalist and editor also a former photographer student that Dr. Lo -a current photography professor at San Antonio College- once taught at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in the late nineties. Yeung, a now established and credited photographer since 2000, video conference call from Hong Kong talked to a room of 16 photography and journalism students on the current climate that is happening in Hong Kong and the precautions as photographer he takes while on assignments.

While on the call Yeung, stated that many reporters and photo journalist host workshops for mental health and self defense due to the hostile climate that is currently happening in Hong Kong. Some of the gear Yeung, wears on assignment is a gas mask, helmet and highlighter colored vest that has the word “PRESS” printed on the back. He also stated they he rather do his assignments along versus with a reporter due to different angles he likes to cover on his own and also the pace is much faster when working alone.

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