Buda Wiener Dog Races

Photos by: Wesley Higgins

By:Adam Byerly

Waiting outside of the gate to get inside the Weiner dog races. 
Truck outside advertising the event. 
Jumbo Oscar Meyer Weiner truck.
My friend Corri Westerberg wanted a picture with the truck.
Water station for dogs to quench their thirst.
Gnome for sale at tent.
Also, gnome Weiner dogs for sale.
And can’t forget this cool frog.
They had pony rides for kids. Plenty of family fun.
They also had a fishing pool for those trying to catch a bite.
Then we ran into a tie-dye tent.
Adopt a dog tent.
Sign towards potential dog owners.
This cutie is waiting to be adopted!
This dog is waiting in his stroller to see his friends race.
The judges go high above to call the races.
And the race begins!
Halfway there!
We have a winner!

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