Coronavirus redefines the meaning to a quick shopping stop

by Jaime Covarrubias

AUSTIN, Texas— COVID-19 has made a colossal impact on the entire world. When news began to spread, I did not anticipate the world to be how it is now. Changes to our everyday routine can be hard to get used to, especially if you’re someone like me who is always on their feet and enjoys the company of others. When you are used to moving at a fast pace and still trying to find a break in your schedule to do something quick such as grab a bite to eat, do your laundry, or even buy groceries, it takes a moment to adjust to the paused moment in the world. Following restrictions and rules applied to almost everything we know have been hard at first, but with a knowledge of what our actions can do to others, it reminds us of what we are all working towards the end. Having to go out and buy essentials such as food has to be thought out. Making sure you know everything you need, so it eliminates you from having to go out on another trip to the grocery store. I chose to document my experience going to Whole Foods for my groceries during this pandemic, as I felt the experience was very different from a typical quick trip.

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