Healthy ways to pass time in Quarantine

Markie taking a free coding class online to occupy his time during his day off. He was struggling with one of the modules so he reached up to scratch his head in frustration.
Markie playing his turn of the broad game Trouble. As he pressed down on the dice it flipped and landed on a three for his turn. He won the game again after 6 nights of playing.
In a state of concertation Markie determined his next move on the game Jenga. Going for the horizontal piece his eyes are focus on he knocked over the tower after his turn.
Markie practicing the standing stretches and yoga poses at Orsinger Park on the life trail machine as the sunset was going down. While watching the cars pass by and occasional flicker from the fire fires in front of him.
Markie starting his one-hour walk routine around the apartment complex. It is the only time of the day he leaves he leaves the apartment. While always maintaining a distance of six feet from other people. 
A card game of blackjack between Markie and myself the cards of a king, ace and seven present. A black iPhone set to silent to focus on the game going between us.
Markie planting his first purple petunia in an eight-inch pot on his apartment patio outside. Learning how to garden has been a skill he has picked up since the shelter in place has gone into effect in San Antonio.
Markie playing a game of sudoku right before unwinding down for bed. It’s the last stop in his quarantine routine on his day off. 
Pressing the street button to cross the street to end off his one-hour daily walk around the apartment Markie waited to cross the street. He washed his hands upon entering the house.
Markie smiling as his won the game of connect four on a Friday night. Board games have become a daily routine as the shelter in place has been extended. 

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