Fiesta Medals

Every year, the city of San Antonio gears up for the biggest party of the year, Fiesta. A whole month of parties, parades and festivals all celebrating the city’s rich culture. Part of that culture are the beloved Fiesta Medals. Fiesta Medals in San Antonio are a big deal. People around the city are always trying to get the newest and most creative medals. Businesses and people alike design medals and sell them. Profits from the medals go to local and national charities which supports the underlining motive of Fiesta, which is party with a purpose.  These colorful medals have turned into a highly collective item.  During the duration of the festival, people wear their medals on festive sashes and vests and trade with other collectors around the city.  With that unmistaken clink and the vibrant colors, Fiesta medals are an undeniable attraction you will not be able to ignore.

Video by Randy Davila
Photos by Jonathon Salazar
Graphic by Randy Davila
Every year, the amount of unique medals available increases with not sign of slowing down.

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