Staying physically active during COVID-19

by Marissa Martinez

HOUSTON – Coronavirus concerns, emergency lock-downs and gym closures could lead to wasting all hours binge-watching Netflix, but fitness enthusiasts are turning their living rooms into a home-gym renaissance.

With Houston having issued a stay-at-home order, gym-goers are forced to use home equipment to get a full body workout and maintain a healthy physique. Water bottles and soda cans have turned into weights while chairs are being used to work the upper body.

Rice University Freshman Psychology major Stephanie Martinez used to work out five days a week at the university’s recreation center or Tudor Field House for cheerleading practice. The change from a fully-equipped facility to only having a yoga mat in her backyard proved to be a difficult transition. Martinez had to completely readjust as she couldn’t rely on her friends to motivate her; she also had to come up with new workouts that don’t require fitness machines.

“As of right now, I begin with a daily stretch that last for 10 minutes and then I will focus on a different part of my body for 45 minutes which usually consists of four sets per workout,” Martinez said. “My exercise regimen comprises of building up my physical strength by doing donkey kicks, fire hydrants, hip dips and other fitness routines with home supplies to act as weights or machines, so that I can achieve a toned physique.”

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