Hospital workers at the frontline of COVID-19

by Marissa Martinez

HOUSTON – With Texas having over 7,000 cases, hospitals are beginning to shift their focus towards COVID-19 patients, blocking off sections dedicated as quarantine areas.

The quarantine area is a small and tight space, filled with doctors, nurses and techs working together to assist the patients while risking contacting the disease.

Radiologic Technologist Rolando Martinez began working at Ben Taub Hospital in December 2019; he never expected to be in the frontline of a global pandemic. The hospital has several empty beds as people are remaining indoors, but also in preparation for a possible peak within the virus. His job consists of performing chest x-rays on patients with COVID-19 related symptoms as a first step in diagnosing the virus.

“We are at a war with a virus; our main concern is patients in critical conditions and patients suspected of or having active COVID-19,” said Martinez. “The quarantine area is set up to rule out or confirm COVID-19, if confirmed, depending on their condition, the patient will be discharged and asked to self-quarantine or admitted as a house patient.”

Ben Taub Hospital is using all available personnel and resources to provide the house patients with the best care possible. They are combatting the virus by using necessary supplies and equipment, including portable machines and monitors with doctors making frequent visits.

“We currently have at least seven patients with active COVID-19 and unfortunately there has been one death, ” said Martinez.

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