Life as of Now: COVID-19 & Quarantine

By Sarah Smith

COVID-19 has made unprecedented changes in our world.

There was almost anticipation in the air like we could feel this virus was not a good thing, but we didn’t realize just how far its course would be ran. As much as we may seem more divided than united, this virus has shown the tenacity of human beings.

We see citizens overseas in Europe and Spain banning together and singing from their balconies, playing music, and cheering for healthcare workers. There are videos online of how one can go about making a homemade mask with a few household items in order to protect ourselves further.

We may not be conquering the virus as quickly as we would like, but I do believe would should acknowledge our small feats and be proud of that. I chose to document this time in my life as I feel like hardship and change are very telling of a person.

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