Documenting the banality of social distancing for COVID-19

By: Taryn Henderson

My initial response to learning of COVID-19 was blasé fear. I knew it would end up being a big deal eventually, but I felt it would be a longer time before it really made an impact here.

When my place of work started cutting hours, and changed from normal shopping to curbside pickup only, reality started to set in. I remained optimistic about social distancing because I’m usually a homebody, as are my sister and boyfriend whom I live with.

After a few days inside, it started getting ridiculous.

The fear brought on by work instability (my sister and I work at the same store and neither of us has worked in two weeks as of my writing this) was enough to drive us crazy. Pile that on top of cabin fever and you have a recipe for three mental health crises in one apartment.

I acknowledge that these photos aren’t the most compelling, but I believe that speaks to the current situation we’re all in.  

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