Recreational activities Texas State University offers its students that are free to low-cost

SAN MARCOS, Texas ­— With the end of the spring semester upon Texas State students’ final exams and projects are due right around the corner. Do students know of all the resources Texas State offers outside the classroom to help them get through the semester? Alumni Amber Bullock shared how she got through her last semester at Texas State by utilizing the recreational activities offered by Texas State, such as Sewell Park.

The Outdoor Center, which is located at Sewell Park is just one of the many free to low-cost amenities available to Texas State students. With resources ranging from free self-help webinars offered by the Counseling Center to the Meadows Center at Spring Lake offering discounted scuba courses to Texas State students. Students can choose how to take a break from their academics, whether they choose to spend time outdoors or work out at the on-campus Recreation Center.

The campus Counseling Center is one tool students have access to while attending Texas State University. One way the Counseling Center can help students with their mental health during the semester is with their initial consultation, which is free to all students enrolled at Texas State. Students can receive up to 10 free sessions with Texas State counselors, and even get recommendations for outside help that they may be seeking. The Counseling Center also offers group counseling and holds events throughout the semester for students to attend for free.

“It’s nice that we have a Counseling Center at Texas State, and I like that we get 10 free sessions,” Foster Milburn, Junior at Texas State said. “I liked the counselor that I met with on a bi-weekly basis, they really helped me build my confidence as a transfer student into Texas State.”

Students also have access to all the online tools the Counseling Center offers, one of these tools is Texas States self-help webinars. Under the self-help tab, students can find Bobcat Mental Wellness Videos which are webinars given by official sources on different topics students may be struggling with. The webinars can range anywhere from five minutes to over an hour long and are filled with different tools students can use to help their mental health throughout the semester.

Texas State also has a state-of-the-art gym on campus, the Student Recreation Center is a free-of-cost gym students can utilize while attending school. With amenities such as the swimming pool, basketball courts, and indoor track. These amenities are free to any student enrolled at Texas State. Students can also purchase passes for rock climbing, intramural sports, and group exercise classes. The all-access pass includes access to all three of these amenities, costing only $90 for Texas State students.

With the San Marcos River running right through campus, students also have access to the Outdoor Recreation Center at Sewell Park. Here students have options for low-cost rental services on gear for camping and backpacking, river and watersport needs, and climbing needs. These are all at a discounted rate for Texas State students, ranging from $3 to $120 depending on the number of days students are renting.

Texas State also held River Fest this spring semester, which was free access to all students with a Texas State ID. It is a 20-year-old tradition that is held at Sewell Park, Texas State brings out different music acts and vendors for students to enjoy. Whether students want to sit and enjoy the music or take a dip in the river, it is a day to spend in the sun with your friends.

Another outdoor activity Texas State offers is activities at Meadows Center at Spring Lake. Here students can choose to take a glass-bottom boat tour for $6 with a Texas State ID. The tour is 30 minutes long and takes you over Spring Lake to view the aquatic life native to San Marcos. There is also a free-of-charge aquarium where visitors can learn more about the wildlife at Spring Lake.

“One of my favorite things is coming here early morning before anyone else is here, and walking through the wetland boardwalk,” Alexandra Fleming, environmental interpreter and boat driver at Spring Lake said. “I like going through as quietly as I can to see what animals I can find.”

Below I have listed more information on free to low-cost activities students can choose from, offered by Texas State.

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