Spring Break Local Style

By Jonathon Salazar

Most students look forward to spring break with hopes of traveling somewhere new. What about those that don’t go anywhere? I interviewed two students who didn’t do much compared to others. David Allen, a junior here at Texas State, stayed in San Marcos over the holiday. Allen went to a baseball game, floated the river with some of his buddies and hit The Square, even though it was pretty empty compared to most other nights. Like Allen, David Lopez also spent the majority of his break in the 78666. Lopez went back to his hometown of Laredo where he hung out with old friends and had a lot of cookouts. Lopez would return to San Marcos to spend the second half of the break celebrating his 21st birthday with his friends. Lopez took to The Square and relaxed by the pool with some of his bros.

For the visual story with David Lopez, click here.

For the audio story with David Allen, click here.

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