San Marcos Farmers Market and Unique Shops

Throughout San Marcos there are some unique locally owned shops as well as the San Marcos Farmers Market. The local San Marcos Farmers Market has everything from homemade to homegrown and local products. They are open every Saturday from 9am-1pm with every other Saturday of the month being held with San Marcos Art Squared, this is where they showcase local artists. 

An amazing local shop that is located along the square is Sundance Record Lagoon. Sundance Record Lagoon is a record store which sells music ranging from the 80’s to current artist, art and unique little trinkets. While they have been around for multiple years with multiple locations around San Marcos, they have just recently  reopened their location after being shut down due to COVID and the passing of the owner. Through their reopening they did pop ups, similar to farmers markets, to grab people’s attention. 

Manager of Sundance Record Lagoon said, “After he passed away there was an outgoing support for the store and the new owners. They decided to do a couple of pop ups over at Zelicks and went so well that they decided to reopen the store.” 

The local San Marcos market has been open every Saturday for the past 10 years but has consistently been open for 35 years every Tuesday. 

Taylor Pelle, a local to San Marcos, visits the San Marcos Farmers Market frequently to stock up on her favorites. Pelle said, “I love the local variety it brings, whether it be jewelry to food. It has a range…I always stop by the jam booth (Ma-Mere’s Maison) for the unique variety.

The square showcases many unique businesses and markets. The San Marcos Farmers Market is able to showcase many of them with some even having their own storefront or other farmer market locations throughout the Austin and San Marcos area. Manor Market Refillery is one of the booths at the local market where they sell zero waste products ranging from household products, skincare and bath and body. They have a storefront located about 2 minutes from the square, where they sell every Saturday. 

Crystal Nova is another local favorite and while they dont have a storefront they are popular around other local farmers markets throughout Austin. I got a chance to talk to Jesse and Ashley, the creators of Crystal Nova, and ask them some questions about their company. Jess and Ashley originally started creating stained glass as a hobby back in 2017 as a creative outlet and from there they then started to learn how to silversmith in 2018 which developed into Crystal Nova.

Ashley and Jesse created the name Crystal Nova after the idea of supernova, because their work is inspired by the cosmos. “They do say everything and everyone is primarily made up of stardust after all,” said Ashley, Co-Creater of Crystal Nova.

Ashley, Co-Creater of Crystal Nova said, “I think Farmers Markets are such an integral part of the community.” Ashley grew up in San Marcos so she thought that selling her work at the local farmers market would be a great way to make some extra money while being connected to the community.  She has since expanded to other Farmers Markets such as the Texas Farmers Market at Mueller. 

Throughout San Marcos we have many unique and interesting shops to explore all over the square. Whether it be handmade or homegrown we have it all. The Farmers Markets and unique shops have been part of the square for years and is something that San Marcos will always be known for. 

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