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San Marcos Monarch Fest Aims to Raise Awareness about Pollinators

The San Marcos Discovery Center put on its second annual Monarch Fest and Native Plant Sale on Saturday, October 19. The purpose of the event was to educate the community about the importance of monarch butterflies in the Central Texas region. 

Monarch butterflies pass through Central Texas biannually during the spring and winter. This festival coincides during their migration season to raise awareness on the importance of milkweed and conservation. Texas has a vast amount of milkweed, which is a plant that monarch caterpillars eat and what the butterflies need to lay their eggs on. 

At the event, there were various tents with booths that provided information about the different pollinators and their roles throughout the environment. There were also multiple greenhouses and other areas at the event to buy native plants that are present in our region. Conservation groups also handed out milkweed seeds to encourage the community to plant them in order for pollinators to thrive.

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