San Marcos Noise Ordinances and Apartments

San Marcos is home to dozens of apartment complexes designed for college students. One of which is Capstone. Capstone’s pool has become a bastion of college life, where hundreds of students meet to party after classes and on the weekends.
This doesn’t come without consequence. The pool becomes incredibly loud with alcohol flowing, speakers playing, and people yelling. In addition to the trash left, many complaints are filed by the surrounding neighborhoods.
Capstone Collegiate Communities, the owners of this complex and similar ones across the county have attempted to remedy this, through the use of wristbands. They limit the number of people allowed in the pool area and bar those who are too loud or refuse to handle themselves.
The wristbands have not led to a decrease in complaints. Texas State Senior, Thomas Schaar received a noise ordinance citation while at the pool. “On a sunny day, we took my speakers that are really loud, and got a ticket for it.”
San Marcos Police Chief Chase Stapp says there are two ordinances affecting noise control, “One is the nuisance ordinance and other is the host responsibility ordinance.”
Ramona Circle is the main road of sizable neighborhood, just a 2 minute drive from Capstone pool and The Retreat. Less than 10 years ago there were no apartment complexes in the area.
Citizens of San Marcos that aren’t students are worried they will be pushed out of the city, and forced to live in the newly built and more expensive suburbs.
As the University and the city grow, students will require more and more apartments that have access to campus. The city may need to rethink its noise ordinances, and zoning laws to accompany this increase in population size, and shift of demographics.
Texas State Senior Andres Sanchez understands both sides stating that to strike a balance, noise ordinances should be in effect Sunday-Wednesday, but the weekend should be free of control.
Students are trying to achieve the college experience. Neighborhood residents are trying to raise children, and get sleep for work in the morning. As a city the balance needs to be found, so we can all enjoy the beautiful city of San Marcos.


What’s your opinion? Should non-students move to escape the noise? Should students be fined for being too loud on the weekend? Is there a perfect solution?
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