San Marcos Restaurants Help Students Feel at Home

Students new to Texas State University deal with many new challenges such as finding their new niches, navigating campus, and most importantly finding new places to eat.

Several restaurants in San Marcos, Texas have their own way of attracting students, some just let their food speak for themselves while others display courteous customer service and a good understanding of their target audience.

The following restaurants are some of the most attended and liked establishments according to students around campus.

They discussed with me how they become an established location for students and some of the tactics they use to get students through the door.


Taiwan Bowl

Mama takes a very traditional approach in her establishment. While providing great food she also gives students excellent hospitality. Returning customers have constantly been seen having wholesome conversations with the owner. I sat down with her and discussed the importance of her business and the importance of having these worthy discussions with customers.

“From here I want everybody to feel good and come by because mama loves the kids and the kids love mama and the food always tastes good and is always homemade it always makes them comfortable.”

Dons Japenese Kitchen

Dons Japenese Kitchen is amongst the most popular places for students to dine. Located directly behind Taiwan Bowl students come to enjoy some freshly made Japanese cuisine.

This location contains a very laid-back vibe with plenty of good food and service. General Manager JC Gutierrez discussed how exactly he makes customers feel at home.

“It’s a pretty awesome man like I said I worked in semi-fine dining to casual and I was just trying to go through those steps of service here when we first opened and the chef just pulled me to the side and he was like man just give them a big burst of energy boost them up you don’t know what they’re going through in their day you don’t know if there socially intact its or if they’re just really uncomfortable in social environments so it’s always just trying to make sure that feel comfortable were all homies we try our best to try to follow up on people’s lives because if it matters to them to be here they should matter to us.”

Overall it is important for students to realize how much work goes into operating one of these businesses and more importantly how they costume make their restaurants for customers to feel at home.

For more on this listen to the audio piece below.



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