Student Art Comes to Texas State

The annual BFA Thesis Exhibitions are currently showing at the University Gallery located in the Joan Cole Mitte Building. They are divided into 3 separate exhibitions as follows:

Exhibition 1 | November 28 – December 2
Opening Reception: Monday, November 28 | 5 – 7 pm

Exhibition 2 | December 5 – December 9
Opening Reception: Monday, December 5 | 5 – 7 pm

Exhibition 3 | December 12 – December 16
Opening Reception: TBD

The following pictures explore exhibition 2.

The view of gallery 1 upon first entering.
Sandra Edwardson admiring Venoris Carter’s Law and Order series
Emily Felio’s Iris series. Each iris is one she sees daily. Is it an iris or a flower?
The texture of “Emily”.
Jeanette Nevarez’s photo series on queer aesthetic and identity.
Student Anna Cordoja admires Nevarez’s photographs.
A striking photo of the series.
Sandra Edwardson also admiring Nevarez’s photos.
All 5 photos through palm leaves.
The Legend of Chief Gadao, a talisman by Kenneth Mills.
A more focused look.
Jenna Watson’s Mirror Displacements Revisited with photos on opposite wall in reflection.
Lepidoptera Exhibit, insect specimens in resin.
Aggressive Observation with insects in background.
Courtney Hagan’s steel wire sculptures.
Blue steel wire sculpture from below.
Red steel wire sculpture from the side.
Hanging steel wire sculpture from the floor.
A bed in the center of gallery two with stone quilt.
Bones below the bed.

Visit while you still can!

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