Student Housing in San Marcos during a Pandemic

As student housing can come with many struggles, it was easy to think that because of covid the search for the perfect home would be even harder to find this year. Covid has affected the workplace, by reducing hours and also letting go of former employees thus effecting the amount of money people are currently making. Another thing to consider with student housing is how individual apartments are taking safety precautions for current and new coming residence. Who you end up rooming with, also comes into play, this is more important than ever now because people have gotten used to isolation. There are roommate test you can take to see how “clean” or how “messy” someone is, these test helps with roommate compatibility , but in times like these I find it unlikely that anyone would want to room with someone who is “messy”. Since social distancing is so important in times like these, I felt that it may be hard for people to trust each other with cleanliness.

While considering all these factors I wondered if San Marcos had made any types of recovery plans for housing.

According to The Coast News Group, the city of San Marcos has actually released a rental assistance program, it’s for people who have been financially impacted by covid.

“The program, which was approved by san Marcos City Council back in June ,aims to provide financial assistance to residence experiencing a loss of income directly related to COVID-19…It provides residential rental assistance(up to 10,000, total) to residents whose incomes are at or below 80%”

According to the San Marcos Daily Record, there has been a total of 6,084 cases within the Hay’s County, that’s important to notice because Texas State University does have a lot of students that commute to campus. there are 889 cases of active coronavirus, the number is slowly being reduced week by week. San Marcos was said to have seen the most coronavirus cases in the country however, San Marcos is no longer the city with the most active cases. Texas State University was said to have 716 total coronavirus cases since March. About 673 cases were students while the other 43 cases were among staff.

“I think that, a-lot of places here in San Marcos that are trying to take more precautions when it comes to sanitizing, but us student still have to do our part in trying to keep everyone safe” says Paulina Ruggeburg , Texas State psychology major, ” I know that numbers will begin to spike up again, but as a community we should try to wear mask in order to reduce the spread.”

San Marcos cases are slowly reducing ,as business, schools and, apartments are taking extra safety precautions in order to create a safe environment for our community.

Student Housing in San Marcos

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