Texas State Esports club encourages everyone to join

With over 1,700 active members in the official Discord channel, the Texas State Esports club is the largest student organization on campus. While the club hosts several collegiate level competitive teams for popular game titles like, “Call of Duty” (CoD), “League of Legends” (LoL) and “Rocket League,” they welcome any gaming enthusiast to join and find others who enjoy the same games to play with. The club is student-run and leadership of the club works to bring members together for monthly and even weekly events to promote camaraderie and encourage new people to join the club. While some events are for dues paying members only, the majority are free for anyone to come participate and get in on the action.

Gray Klier, a sophomore studying film making, just recently joined the club’s varsity “Smash Bros.” team and attends tournaments twice a week. Klier says he loves the chance to meet new people while doing something that he already loves doing.

“Honestly, the people,” Klier said. “The people are just really fun and nice. You know it’s hard to make friends these days especially in college when you are so weighed down with school work and stuff and just to have somewhere to go is just like we all like this game, it’s something we have in common and I can just chill out and play my favorite game with people who like it as well and just have a good time.”

The club hosts “Smash Bros.” tournaments twice a week and anyone is welcome to join, even people just passing by. Tuesday nights at 6:30 p.m. you will always find a group of gamers battling it out at George’s located in LBJ.

Javen Smith, a sophomore studying computer science, has been a member of the club for almost two years now and is a current member of the junior varsity “Smash Bros.” team. Smith enjoys attending the club because he likes hanging out with and competing with other people and watching all the flashy moves that people make with their characters on screen.

“Just getting to compete with other people and go to events and things like that and just hang out with people,” Smith said.

Raymond Rodriguez, the clubs “Smash Bros.” tournament coordinator said the club does not divide its members based on the games that they play. Anyone who wishes to join the club is a member of the entire club and not separated based on specific interests. This allows for a very large community of people that are welcoming to all with an interest in gaming.

“I like that it’s all united,” Rodriguez said. “It’s not one branch per like game. So, “Smash” doesn’t have its own club, “League” doesn’t have its own club. It’s all Texas State Esports and if someone wants to add a new game you don’t have to fend for yourself. You just have to ask and then we’ll try to work on it and get it integrated into the club. I think that really helps kind of build the community and build a really health Esports program.”

Rodriguez and other coordinators for the club are working to expand the club as much as possible.

“We are trying to get more people involved,” Rodriguez said. “Whether that’s advertising more on campus or making more flyers so more people can find out about the tournaments. Finding more people to get to play and kind of building a more active community really is the most important thing for the club to survive. We have to make sure that we have a player base that’s able to like want to keep coming to tournaments every week, willing to support, willing to just talk about the games and be friends and hang out outside of the games.”

For more information about the Texas State Esports club, visit the club’s official website which includes links to the club’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Twitch accounts. You can also join the club’s official Discord channel, which has information about all of the games that the club participates in and where any big announcements are made. For specific questions, reach out to the club’s president, Enrique De La Torre.

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