Texas State men’s lacrosse take on UT at Texas State University

Photos by Lawrence Utley

Head coach Greg Kremen(left) and Defensive Coordinator Curtis Fellenz observing an offensive possession in the second quarter.

Attackman, Bryan Wynne, celebrating after scoring a goal.
Attackman, Dillon Hanner, changes direction on his defenseman looking to pass the ball or take it to the house.
Attackman, Dylan Lemmon works the ball around maintaining offensive possession.
Midfielder, Mack Starnes, locked in as the referee places the ball on the ground for a face-off.
Bryan Wynne attempting to score a backhanded goal.
Sophomore midfielder, Grant Pope, getting the ball downfield on a fast break.
Coach Kremen brings the Bobcats in for a timeout.
More fans than seating at this rivalry game!
The team used blue tape in the game to commemorate Autism Awareness Month
The coaches talking second half game plan during halftime
A tight game just after halftime.
Senior midfielder Elliot Smith slips out from his defenders V-hold.
Grant Pope gets off a shot just before taking a hard hit.
Dillon Hanner scores an unassisted goal after some fancy footwork behind the goal.
Midfielder Jacob Martin breaks through two defenders for a successful clear.
Sophomore goalie, Tri Hays, stands on his head with this amazing save, though the Bobcats would lose 12-8.

Audio story by Lawrence Utley

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