Texas State residential assistants: what they do and how they do it

As the fall 2022 semester comes to an end, the Texas State Housing and Residential Life Department will begin training current and new residential assistants for the spring 2023 semester.

Texas State Housing and Residential Life building Photo by: Cameron Green

Here is a look at everything one needs to know about being a residential assistant.

A residential assistant is a student staff member of the housing and residential life department who holds the responsibility to maintain a healthy environment in residential halls.  

Here are the residential halls at Texas State University:

In order to maintain a healthy environment for on-campus residents, RAs hold four main duties: 

Create Community

  • Build a diverse, strong, and inclusive community in which all students feel welcomed at Texas State. 

Create Opportunity

  • Facilitate learning opportunities that could potentially help residents grow personally as well as academically.


  • Support residents by making them aware of and by connecting them to university resources. 


  • Collaborate with university stakeholders and housing staff to lead, inform and foster growth in students.  

Residence Director for Tower Hall Ryley Kimmel comments on RAs’ supporting roles to residents.  

“RAs are important because they are typically residents’ first source of information or connection to the university, so RAs often help freshmen adjust to college life. Also, in the case where a resident is feeling homesick or feeling isolated, an RA is there to provide a very welcoming and positive attitude.” Kimmel said.  

Bobcat Chats 

Bobcat chats are a way for RAs to connect with their residents. It is a chance for residents to get connected and get familiar with their RAs. that discuss their day and class or if the resident is in need of any on-campus resources.

Bulletin Boards 

Floor Programming  

  • Floor programming is events thrown by RA staff to facilitate interaction between residents. Events include movie nights or arts and crafts. 

Floor Meetings 

  • Floor meeting is a way for information from the housing department to get through to the residents in a personal fashion. RAs usually hold these meetings at the end of the semester. RAs would go over closing procures for when students go back home over break.  

There are three different RA opportunities. 


  • Create and maintain learning environments where residents feel a sense of belonging. RAs support all students living on campus by acting as mentors, resources, and role models and by working to create a friendly environment.

Themed Communities 

  • Set to begin in fall 2023, themed communities are those that are open to anyone interested in a particular type of community but are not specifically related to a major. 

Living Learning Communities  

  • Communities built around a specific major/minor. This position prioritizes cocurricular and major-based opportunities and initiatives.  

Here are the locations of Living Learning Communities (LLC) at Texas State University.

Residential Assistant Shannyn Bosman speaks on the responsibilities being the leader of an LLC can bring. 

“As the Pre-Med/ Pre-Dental LLC leader I’ve set up guest speakers in the medical field to speak to the residence,” Bosman said. 

Many of the residents in a specific LLC take classes together. Bosman saw the opportunity to host study nights.  

Some of the benefits RAs receive include a compensation package. The package includes a housing and dining plan as well as a stipend.  

Created by: Cameron Green Source: Texas State Housing and Residential Life

Another benefit that RAs get from their position is the opportunity to develop and strengthen skills that could be used in a future career.  

Tower Hall Residential Assistant Hannah Kim, through hosting floor events, has developed communication and leadership skills. 

“The position has helped me develop many skills,” Kim said. “Hosting floor events or meetings has made me a lot more comfortable leading discussions and maintaining control of a group. “ 

Other skills housing and residential life promise to their employees are critical thinking, problem-solving and personal responsibility.

Applications are still open for anyone who meet these qualifications is interested: 

  • Is eligible for work in the U.S. without sponsorship 
  • One semester of on-campus living experience by the time of application. 
  • Must have completed 15 hours of credits by the time of application. 
  • Holds a 2.5 GPA or higher. 
  • Must not have any current or pending disciplinary infractions with the University. 
  • Must be able to be an RA for one full academic year and complete all portions of the hiring process- 
  1. Attending an info session held by the housing and residential life department. 
  2. Submit the application by Jan. 27 at noon. 
  3. Personal reference submission 

For more information about residential assistants visit https://www.reslife.txst.edu/about/jobs/ras/ra-description.html 

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