Texas State Students go on Spring Break Adventures

By: Megan Wehring, Cheyenne Young, and Kaiti Evans

Students are ready to hit the road on their spring break adventures after being away at school for almost three months. However, some students end up going home for the week. Their hometown only consists of maybe a movie theater, run-down shopping mall and too many fast food restaurants. The question comes up: how do you make the most out of spring break in a small town?

Photo Story by Megan Wehring

There is an expectation of going on some great trip or flying somewhere and staying the week. For many college students, their lack of funds put these dreams on hold. Some students had to find a cheaper, more localized way to spend their spring break. Grab a buddy, get a dog, head to the lake and pitch a tent for a few nights. You don’t have to spend money to have some fun and still make lasting memories. A relaxing camping trip with a good pal is exactly what some students need at this point in the semester.

Video Story by Cheyenne Young

Spring break at Big Bend National Park lasts three weeks in March. People from around Texas and the United States gather to experience the unique terrain near the Mexico-U.S. border. Most who visit make reservations to camp at one of the three camp grounds. But for those who do not make a reservation, they fight to get a campsite. Rangers understand how hard it is to quickly find a campsite, so they recommend coming early, following directions and staying put once you find a campsite. There is nothing easier than losing your spot.

Audio Story by Kaiti Evans

Spring break is what you make of it. Go find your own adventure!

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