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Things I Can Do In My Cap and Gown Since I Can’t Graduate In It

By Anne Cox

I’m a graduating senior in the class of 2020 at Texas State University. In the very early stages of coronavirus, before there were even a lot of confirmed cases in the US, I remember thinking that there was no possible way that it would get to this level. It felt far away, and though I knew it had the possibility to get bad, I never thought we would be living in the quarantine/social distancing reality we’re in today.

I refused to believe that the May 2020 graduation ceremony would be cancelled until I got the official email from the university. My heart broke. I spent most of that day isolating myself in my bedroom. How could a moment I worked so hard to get, suddenly be taken away from me? It hurt more that it was a situation I couldn’t control.

It’s been weeks since we were told our commencement was moved to August. It might even be moved further back. It took some time, but I finally realized that whether I have a graduation ceremony or not, it doesn’t take away the fact that I accomplished something great. I still finished college and earned my degree. I made countless memories and friendships that will last me a lifetime. I’ve set myself up for a great future and COVID-19 is just an obstacle we’re all learning to work around.

I picked up my cap and gown a few days ago and decided to do this photo series as a way to laugh at this whole situation. We’ll get through this, and in the meantime it’s important to pay attention to what’s happening everyday as we’re living through a huge moment in history. So, I present: Things I Can Do In My Cap and Gown Since I Can’t Graduate In It.

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