Things to Know About Off Campus Living

Fall 2023 is the start of a college career for many students at Texas State University, but for continuing students, it also means looking for off-campus housing. Texas State recently announced that only freshmen can live on campus in the 2023-24 school year as it completes new housing projects. There are a total of 6,689 students living on campus for spring 2023, and only 2,378 of those students are returning including nearly 200 resident assistants which are sophomores and up.

Meanwhile there are 22,432 returning students living off campus for spring 2023, and only 1,344 freshmen. While the total undergraduate student body is 30,465, which means a lot of housing needs have to be met.

Many things need to be considered when moving off campus, such as rent and utilities, but some things students don’t always think about is signing a lease.

Before signing however, options to get help understanding what the student will be signing, and even finding apartments that fit your needs and wants are available.

Texas State’s Attorney for Students Office will help students understand what they will be signing. Angelica Coronado is an attorney and often helps students with understanding their lease.

“We can help by reviewing the lease before the resident or the student actually signs it so we can go over all the terms of the lease and explain to the student what it says and what it does not say.” Texas States Attorney for Students, Angelica Coronado shares about the services available to students. Understanding the lease is only the first thing students should consider. Location to campus should also be considered, for example, if you don’t have a car, then you will want an apartment that either is walkable or has a shuttle in order to get to campus.

Alekzandre Bracken is a current resident assistant who will be living off campus in the fall, and the location of apartments was one of his top three concerns.

“Location, how far is this housing going to be from my classes, do I need a car to go to my classes.” Resident Assistant Alekzandre Bracken shares. Knowing that there is help when signing a lease and looking at location according to campus, can help make living off campus a much smoother process. Another thing that many people don’t think about before moving off campus is how to make the best of living off campus. Living on your own in an apartment is fun, but knowing the things to do outside of your apartment can make your experience better.

Joining activities, or even just hanging out with friends can make all the difference. Staying inside can cause depression and can make you not want to go out at all, but staying socially active can help mitigate those feelings.

Elizabeth Hawkings is a Texas State sophomore who has lived off campus for a year, and in her experience, joining clubs and hanging out with friends has really helped her.

“Make as many friends as you can, Try to go out as much as you can, try to not be stuck in your apartment.” Texas State sophomore Elizabeth Hawkings stated. Living with a friend can be good, but it can also damage your relationship with that friend.

Though the attorney for students might not be able to completely help legally, due to potential bias, they can get students the information of who to contact. If there are uncertainties of what all the attorney for students can help with, their website has all the information about the aid they provide which is available to everyone from Texas State students to parents. https://attorney.dos.txst.edu/

The website also details that differences between a joint lease and an individual lease which a student will have to decide on which one they want.

The housing office also has a website that can help students understand housing options off campus and with more information about living off campus. https://www.reslife.txst.edu/off-campus.html this site is also available for students and parents. It also gives more information about things to remember when moving off campus, and a list of available apartments which is updated frequently. If a student wants to move off campus mid-year, then the housing website is the place to look.

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