Top 1 New Year’s Resolution

SAN MARCOS, TX – New Year’s is coming with a new list of resolutions. People often have new goals for health and wellness.

Millions of Americans set goals for themselves at the start of each year, known as New Year’s resolutions.

US is leading for a numbers of people setting resolutions for up coming year states in the U.S. A 2020 study in PLoS Onestates. The statistic indicates that more than 40% of respondents are most likely to take part in the activity. In the meanwhile, there is less than 15% respondents from the counties from Europe.

While every individuals can create resolution for the new year, there are some groups has slightly different data than the others. Taking demographic as a one category from the study of PLos One, there is a huge different from the adults group from 18-34 and group that greater than 55. The adult group from 18-34 has almost 60% respondents compared to almost 20% from the adult group that age 55 and up. The differences also from the demographic of parents with kids and without kids. Parents with kids has higher participants than parents without kids. In additional, people who set up resolutions for the previous year, tend to continue this activity for the next year.

As an engineering, Sam Huang spends a lot of time on the screens. His New Year’s resolution is to add more breaks in between works to walk outside and find more green instead of more screens. “Do more activities that does not involve constant screens time”, Sam said.

With the high demands from school, college students do not have a healthy eating schedule. Owen Yap, a junior student at TXST mentioned “It is hard to make a reservations for yourself and stick with it.” However, Owen wants to be more healthy and build more muscle by preparing meal from home.

According to National Library of Medicine, people often have resolutions for physical health and eating habits for their new year. The experiencing from PLoS One including 3 groups of active control, some support and extended support to run how many participants can keep up with their resolution. The result indicates, the extended support group which has higher rate of success since they received higher support and guide to create and achieve their resolutions list. “The fresh-start effect” is when the greatest milestone happens for any new journey or adjustment in life. Participants maintain and report when from 77% to 40% after six months into the new year.

Learning to practice and improve your health is extremely importance, according to the Statista. Health should be prioritized regardless of gender, age, race and ethnicity. The top 3 from New Year’s resolutions list are living healthier, personal improvement or happiness and losing weight.

New Year is just around the corner. Professor Harry Bowers and a student Owen Yap from TXST are building up their New Year’s resolutions list.
“Be more intentional with my choices, working out and eating,” Professor Bowers said. This is a first resolution for 2023 from Bowers’s list. This is a promising start for his healthiness.
In the meantime, Owen finished his last year’s resolution just few months ago. “In other to achieve that goal, you need to have self confidence to do it.”, said Owen. In other to complete what we want to reach, self-confident is one of the tool to do it.

Education and health are deeply interconnected. They have significant impact on each others. It is a key for people having a better life. There are several reasons why education can promote health equity. Some of the logic explained that people with knowledge and skills will know how to take care of their health and impact on people around them. In another words, people with stable income have a better chance to live in a better community where they can learn and influenced from them.

Many researchers have suggested that work out with nature will bring up your mood, decrease stress and losing weight. In additional, taking advantage from the nature also can save you some money as well.

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