When life gives you lemons, make lemonade

Being quarantined tends to get boring after awhile. While some find peace from not having to go out in society, others grow restless from not being able to do what is essential from there like go get manicures and pedicures, get the hair styled or cut, get their monthly facials or show themselves some love.

Rather than wait until these luxuries of theirs open back up for business, they’re taking , matters into their own hands with DIY projects on themselves.

Store closures and social restrictions around COVID-19 have dragged prestige beauty sales down 14% this year, while skincare has risen 11%. That adds to a $140 billion haul for the broader skincare industry last year. 

 Pinterest reports  that searches for “home haircut” are up by 417 percent, and “how to strip hair color naturally” by 156 percent. While many salons and barbershops have been closed since mid-march, people are taking the initiative to still look good, even if they’ve never done it before.

Many people have converted to work from home positions, often times having to speak with someone face to face virtually or chime in on video conference calls. To make sure they look up to par, they want the best products to do so. Credo Beauty saw a 34% increase in virtual consultation chats, leading to a 10% increase in conversion through the channel.

While salons remained closed, customers who take pride in their nails have come up with an alternative for the time being to meet the manicure desires. Nail polish sales surge 24% during Covid-19 lockdown

Taking care of yourself during these times is the best thing anyone of us can do for ourselves. Mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. When it comes to self-care products, hand sanitizers saw a 107.3% change in buyers and a 103.3% change in spending; liquid hand soap saw a 97.3% change in buyers and a 29.3% change in spending; and toothpaste saw a 22.7% change in buyers and a 8.8% change in spending.

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