Climate River san marcos

Thinking Globally, Acting Locally: Framing the Environment at the Local Level

Climate change, sustainability, and anything associated with these topics have become hot topics (no pun intended) as the weather and environment has grown more unstable over time. Summer heat is more oppressive, river beds belch out the remains of beer cans and plastic bags, and local food production finds itself navigating warped seasonal planting/harvesting times. […]


Texas Climate Watch

With the recent pandemic looming over our heads, it might be hard to come across any good news lately. Thankfully there are at least a few positive outcomes from COVID-19 that we can shed a light on, specifically pertaining to the environment here in Texas. The latest studies and data from researchers has revealed that […]


Climate Control

No one could have expected a worldwide pandemic to be how we start the new decade, yet here we are. Luckily here in Texas we have lots of space to spread out and safely distance ourselves. Also, with summer right around the corner, there is hope that human activity in warmer weather will help prevent […]