Taco runs and college nights

By Timia Cobb

Tacos, friends and barely any money, those are the best nights. I spent every weekend for the last two months with my friends Haley Guillory and Chase Canter exploring the taco shops of San Marcos, Texas. We started with Cheops and fell in love with many other restaurants we visited along the way. My personal favorite was Fuego. However, Santi’s makes amazing traditional tacos and Loli’s breakfast tacos can’t be beat.

My usual meal at Fuego is one Fuego steak taco, a Dr. pepper Cowboy taco and a side of fries. However, if I’m feeling experimentally I’ll try something new. The restaurant might seem a bit expensive but you’re paying for big portions. My meal for two tacos and fries cost about $15 with tax. Fuego is truly a staple of the San Marcos, college town, culture and it’s one of my favorite taco shops.

Santi’s was my second favorite. Decorated in bright graffiti and Texas State University appreciation it compels you to stop by. The staff is super friendly but just know beforehand that there isn’t a menu to look at before ordering, or one wasn’t offered to me. That being said, I looked at their website beforehand to decide on what to order. I order a original street taco barbacoa and the taquitos. 

The street taco was a simple taco with cilantro, onions, verde sauce and cheese but the barbacoa made it 10 times better. After I ate the taco I was already craving another one. The taco was small and only cost $2, so I would understand if someone wanted to just get tacos from Santi’s they would have to get at least five to be full. However, five tacos for $10 is most definitely worth price, especially for Santi’s tacos.

The taquitos I had is really what has me craving to revisit Santi’s. The taquitos meal came four fried corn tacos covered in cheese and a mix of fajita, bacon and sausage with cilantro on top. The bacon and sausage was savory and reminded me of the breakfast sausage my mother use to make when I was a child. I for sure will be returning to get Santi’s taquitos and to try more of their street tacos. My totally meal, for 5 taco came out to $12.62 and was worth the price.

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