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Chepo’s: is it a taco worth trying

By Timia Cobb

It seems as though you can find a taco restaurant on almost every corner of San Marcos, TX. If you walked the square and asked anyone for taco suggestions, you would be met with a mix of replies due to how many favorite restaurants there are. Despite this, I’ve lived in San Marcos for about three years now and haven’t even visited a handful of restaurants. That being said, I and some friends had the idea to try each taco shop in San Marcos, In search of the best taco, San Marcos has to offer.

My friends and I started our quest by visiting Chepo’s, a family-owned restaurant close to the Texas State Campus. The small restaurant gave off a cozy and homey feel that made you want to come back because of the atmosphere it gave off. Chepo’s serves breakfast all day including American breakfast and a wide range of breakfast tacos. Sadly, we did not feel comfortable sitting in a restaurant due to the COVID-19 pandemic and wanting to stay safe by social distancing. When we ordered our food we were met with friendly staff and quick service.

Back at my friend Chase’s apartment we excitedly tried our food. My friend Chase Canter, stuck to his usual bean and cheese taco which he described as pretty basic.

“It’s hard to judge from such a basic option I got, ” Canter said. “The bean and cheese wasn’t the best I’ve had for sure. Not exactly satisfying or as much flavor as there should be.”

Al Pastor taco from Chepo’s local restaurant in San Marcos, Tx. Photo credit: Timia Cobb

I had the Al Pastor taco and the Carne Asada taco. The carne asada was my favorite, it included grilled vegetables and was a little spicy. The meat was tender and easy to chew and I more than likely will be returning to try it again seeing I live close to Chepo’s. The Al Pastor taco wasn’t my favorite. I knew it was pork but expected more of a bacon taste which was a mistake seeing it was spit-grilled pork. I don’t think anything was wrong with the taco but it just wasn’t for me.

Carne asada taco from Chepo’s local restaurant in San Marcos, Tx. Photo credit: Timia Cobb

I will be returning to Chepo’s along with Canter who is willing to give the restaurant another try.

“ I may go back to try something else more proper,” Canter said. “ The bean and cheese taco wasn’t enough to judge them on.”

I will be returning because I like the environment of the restaurant and their carne asada taco is worth it.

Feature image taken by Timia Cobb

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