Coronavirus COVID-19 Outdoors

Nonessential workers are doing what they can to get by

By Belle Rushing

HOUSTON— From feeding animals, mucking stalls and trimming hooves, Codie Snelson continues to work despite this time of social distancing. Snelson says that although she is considered nonessential, her work as a barn manager is.

As a barn manager for a couple of elderly clients who can’t take care of their four horses, two longhorns and goat, she has to feed, clean and occasionally ride her client’s animals every day.

“These are horses and livestock,” she says, “giving them the proper care they need every day is essential and I shouldn’t have to risk being pulled over for it.”

Snelson is just one of many who works during quarantine. She doesn’t have contact with her clients daily and takes precautions to maintain her safety.

“At the end of the week I just pick up my paycheck underneath the doormat and go on about my day,” she says.

Snelson’s story is just one of many who have to find a way to make a living during this time, as she is unable to file for unemployment or receive a stimulus check.

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