Seeds of Labor

For some backstory, these past few weeks have been stressful in numerous ways. In the beginning it wasn’t so bad, but I started to become restless being inside all day. While I was able to enjoy some of my indoor hobbies like reading and drawing, I still felt a bit of cabin fever. The remedy I found has been in the form of planting and taking care of flowers with my family.

Gardening has really helped me take my mind off things and is a great way to practice my photo taking too! It’s such a wonderful feeling watching them grow and become beautiful.

Some bonus photos I took because they are prominent in my gardening escapades.

This is a photo of new cat that randomly showed up at our house one day when my mom and I were gardening in the front. I named her Tuxedo because of her colors (not very original I know). She is very talkative and enjoys nice conversations with my dad.

Here is Tuxedo being camera shy and trying to hide. She was wondering why my camera was making clicking noises. Once she find out I had snacks with me though, she immediately came out. She’s got her priorities straight.
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