Climate River san marcos

Thinking Globally, Acting Locally: Framing the Environment at the Local Level

Climate change, sustainability, and anything associated with these topics have become hot topics (no pun intended) as the weather and environment has grown more unstable over time. Summer heat is more oppressive, river beds belch out the remains of beer cans and plastic bags, and local food production finds itself navigating warped seasonal planting/harvesting times. With so much of the above occurring at different extremes across the globe, and with solutions to combat the issues presenting themselves in different forms (from carbon emission reduction to daily lifestyle changes), it’s no surprise that Texas, and especially San Marcos, would be looking for ways to move forward in the face of uncertainty.

In this video, I interviewed four San Marcos community partners, across different demographics and backgrounds, about the things that they and their respective organizations were doing in order to preserve and protect the environment and sustainability of the community. Different viewpoints are offered, but have the shared goal of informing the community of the local beauty of the town’s environment and sustainability community, and its need for preservation.

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