Spring Breakers Enjoy Another Year at the San Marcos River

By Sonia Garcia and Laura Nunez

The sun beaming down and no classes calls for some time by the San Marcos River.

This year, spring break kicked off on March 18 and just like past years, students and families enjoyed the San Marcos River.

Trips to Discover placed San Marcos in the Top 10 Best Places in Texas to Visit on Spring Break this month. And, USA Today ranked the San Marcos River second for America’s Best River for Tubing.

Starting at the Edwards Aquifer, the San Marcos River flows down 75 miles into the Blanco and Guadalupe River. Across town, there are multiple access points to get to the river such as Rio Vista, Sewell and Plaza Park.

Sewell Park and the adjoining San Marcos River are defining qualities of Texas State University. The park is a mini-vacation spot next to campus that provides students with the perfect opportunity to relax and refuel in an ideal location.

Every year, students and families gravitate towards the river during spring break for outdoor fun.

The river is a popular recreational area, often used for tubing, canoeing, swimming and paddle boating.

Sewell Park has the Outdoor Center catering specifically to Texas State students and faculty. Rentals from the center require a school-issued I.D. and run at an affordable rate.

On the other hand, Rio Vista Park is next to Ivar’s River Pub. This park has a small waterfall that is visible from the restaurant. Unlike Sewell Park, the San Marcos River at Rio Vista Park has parts of the river where the current is not as fast.

The San Marcos River is 72 degrees year round.

The beauty of the river is cared for by San Martians daily and efforts to keep it clean is what allows spring breakers to come back every year. It stays clear enough to see the river floor.

The river is also home to several endangered species, including the Texas Blind Salamander, Fountain Darter and Texas Wild Rice. The City of San Marcos and Texas State University take extra precautions and careful management of the areas with the most risk for endangerment. These steps are taken in order to preserve these species for as long as possible.

The San Marcos River has something for everyone, so as long as visitors keep it clean, spring break and year round, people can enjoy the river

Graphic by Ashley Moreno

Video by Sonia Garcia

Audio by Ashley Moreno

Photos by Laura Nunez

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