Buzz in The Hills shows off its Local Buzz

Buzz in the Hills, a bee keeping consultation based in San Marcos, Texas, will begin selling beeswax based products at Cornucopia, San Marcos starting December 2.

Buzz in the Hills salves for sale at Cornucopia. Photo courtesy of Buzz in the Hills Instagram account.

The move from the hive to the store has been a hectic journey for Buzz in the Hills founders Cody Hughes and Lexi Nutters, who’ve begun backyard beekeeping in an effort to tend to a few struggling hives. 

“The hives in my backyard have been there for about three months,” Hughes said.

Beekeeping in the Texas Hill Country comes with a few challenges. San Marcos sits at the top of a hill, subjecting the town to soil erosion from rain, wind and other weather variables. As that soil is removed, pollen rich plants like flowers are removed with it, leaving honey bees without the flower nectar needed to make honey.

A honey filled bee frame. Photo by Alisa Pierce.

“Hopefully when we get a little bit of rain we’ll see some flowers pop out,” Hughes said. “It really depends where you’re at. Beekeepers east of I-35 get a lot more honey than this side. San Marcos is uphill, so all the good soil eventually erodes down hill. It’s a lot harder to produce honey here than other parts of Central Texas.”

Chart of the top ten honey producing states and how many pounds of honey are made in each state. Texas is near the lower bottom of the list.

Despite the season’s setbacks, Hughes’ and Nutters’ backyard hives have begun healing.

“They weren’t doing so well, so I nursed them back to health,” Hughes said. “Now they’re doing really well.”

Now that the few struggling Buzz in the Hills hives are on the mend, the business can focus on selling products at Cornucopia.

“Lexi makes a bunch of products,” Hughes said. “The honey producing season is coming to an end, so we’re buckling down and producing a lot of items. We’ve had popups at Buzz Mill and Pie Society, but most of our sales and operations are usually out of the house. We’re pretty excited about Cornucopia.”

Nutters, who makes most of the Buzz in the Hills products, shared that the most popular item is Bee Calm, a lavender salve used to promote sleep and relaxation. 

“I infuse oil with herbs and blend them together to make salves,” Nutters said. “I’ve done this for about two years, and I’ve found that the most popular products are healing salves like our signature Bee Calm lavender salve. It’s really nice to rub on the bottom of your feet before you go to sleep.”

The seasonal transition from summer honey production to winter gives beekeepers the time to create products from unused bee resources.

“Winter is the time for beekeepers to use leftover resources that bees provide to make products to share with others,” Nutters said.

Homemade herbal balms made from responsibly sourced beeswax, honey, organic and wild harvested herbs will be the first products to hit the shelves. Other Buzz in the Hills items like lip balm, scrubs and body butter are still available to purchase online as stocks allow.

For more information on Buzz in the Hills, please visit buzzinthehills.com.

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