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All you need to know about the San Marcos Outlet

By Solietthe Reyes

The San Marcos Outlet is known for their foreign buyers.

The San Marcos Premium and Tanger Outlet is one of the most famous attractions that the city has. The outlet is an outdoor shopping mecca that offers all types of impressive named brands and designer fashion stores. This outlet is the largest outlet shopping center in the United States. It features over 350 shopping stores spread over 1.2 million square feet of shopping heaven. The San Marcos Outlet is located within a short drive from New Braunfels, Austin, and San Antonio. The Outlet is situated at Exit 200 off of IH-35. It is close to some famous attractions like Fiesta Texas, The River Walk, The Alamo, Sea World, and so much more. The San Marcos Outlet is open Monday through Saturday from 10am to 9pm and on Sunday’s from 10am to 7pm. The San Marcos Outlet is one of Texas’ top shopping destinations bringing people from all over the world. Shoppers save 25% to 65% off every day purchases when they chose to come to the outlet. Another cool thing about the outlet is that there are several dining options within the outlet, from restaurants to a grab and go. Both sides of the outlet have an enormous parking lot. There is also plenty of parking behind several stores. The outlet holds a vehicle charging area for Tesla’s only. There really is no shopping experience like the San Marcos Outlet.

The outlet mall is one the top employers in the city, but the majority of the San Marcos Outlet employees are college students that attend Texas State. These students come from diverse backgrounds. Many employees speak more than one language from English, to Spanish, to Vietnamese, you name it. The San Marcos Outlet has several hotels nearby, easy access to a little getaway vacation. There are also several tour buses that come to the San Marcos Outlet from Mexico. Every week this bus travels back and forth brining consumers from Mexico. Sonia Pinto, a Spanish speaker from Mexico, says “I love coming here because I can get help from employees without having to worry about a language barrier.” Additionally, it is also very common to see Mexican license plates dotted all throughout the parking lot. The majority of these consumers are bulk buyers, meaning they make purchases in bulk and spending thousands. This is a really big part as to why the San Marcos outlet is so successful because these buyers are getting things at awesome prices. These bulk buyers are early and ready to shop before the doors even open. One of the prime times for bulk buyers is the holiday season. The San Marcos Outlet starts getting busier than normal on the months of November, December, and January. This is the time of year where customers are getting better deals that normal so they all rush into those doors and shop. Another prime time for the San Marcos Outlet is during the summer because all the college students are out of school, the San Marcos residents with kids have no school, so the mall is always busy during the June through August. Lululemon employee, Jared Amadis, said “the slowest month of the year for business is September since back to school happens in August.” Business slows down drastically but it picks back up in November. During peak seasons, shoppers at the outlet can reach numbers to even triple the population of San Marcos. During holidays, the outlet mall has different time schedules, stores will open an hour earlier and close an hour later. This comes in handy for consumers because they have more time to shop during the holidays.

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Another really cool fact about the San Marcos Outlet is that they do tax exceptions for international shoppers. All internationals have to do is walk to the Food Court by Guest Services for a tax refund by “TaxFree Shopping.” There is professional bilingual staff on site to help internationals in need for instant cash refunds. There is also no processing limit for shoppers. The San Marcos outlet also offers shuttle service from San Antonio. The Alamo Shuttle offers a $40 shuttle service fee per person including a round-trip. The Alamo Shuttle will drop and pick up shoppers at designated times. San Antonio resident, Jose Moreno, says “I love how the shuttles pick me up right by my house, it is so convenient since I don’t have a car.” Shuttles usually depart from San Antonio between 9am-10am. All in all, there isn’t a shopping center like the San Marcos Outlets.

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