Communities along I-35 supporting Farmers Markets

        Story by Camelia Juarez, Tae Gallegos and Garrett Moore

  Spring is upon us bring in the freshest crops to surrounding Texas farmers. Did you know that farmer markets benefit producers, consumers and the community? According to the Agricultural Marketing Servicelocal farmers use these markets to gain exposure while consumers benefit by buying fresh produce and goods. The face-to-face interaction creates this robust local economy and overall better health to the community. 

            On Wednesday Tae went to check out the Texas Farmers Market at Muellerto see what the locals had to offer.There were over ten stands all with something unique to offer to the community. 
Garrett went to the San Marcos Farmers Market talk to some local procures. There he spoke with Ramona Decker from Eagle’s Rest Ranch about her beeswax products. Early last week, he met with Ashli Corley, the Vice President 

              On Sunday Camelia visited the San Antonio farmer’s market at The Pearl. There were over 45 vendors. Camelia spoke to family owned goat cheese farmer Robin Rogales and first year strawberry farmers Pierce White and Gary McCleen. Both groups focus on their crops and their community for financial support. 

Video by Camelia Juarez

Audio by Garrett Moore

Photos by Tae Gallegos

Graphic by Tae Gallegos

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