Coronavirus empties the city that never sleeps

by Marissa Martinez

Photo taken by Audra Jones :
The quick spreading of coronavirus has led company buildings too be uninhabited as people are working from home.

NEW YORK – From the Vessel to established companies to colored neon signs in Times Square, New York City attracts more than 65 million visitors per year, but the city has largely been abandoned due to the coronavirus.

The pandemic is halting the nation’s largest city as New York has more than 100 thousand cases which is about more than half of the total confirmed COVID-19 cases in the entire United States.

Roomrs’ interior design project manager Audra Jones began noticing the decline of tourists and people within the streets of the city on March 15th as that was when restaurants and bars began to close down which plays a huge part within the cities lifestyle. The global pandemic has exposed New York’s economy as it is highly dependent on domestic and foreign visitors that come to the vibrant city. The Texas State alumna has seen the travel band affect several businesses and her own company.

“ One of the very first rules put in place was a ban of gatherings over 300 people so this closed Broadway, a lot of big restaurants in Midtown, all nightclubs, etc. and with this I think a lot of hotels and smaller restaurants took big hits,” said Jones. “I mean even my company has been pretty greatly affected because around this time each year we would be leasing apartments for the summer to young people coming for internships, study abroad etc. and those programs have all been cancelled.”

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