Texans share positive takeaways during COVID-19 pandemic

By Liliana Perez

Restrictions. Limitations. Cancellations. Losses. Closures. These are just a few of the things many of us have had to deal with in recent weeks due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and none of them are taken as good things. 

Understandably, most of us wouldn’t think of a pandemic and immediately think positive, but, ironically, it’s times like these in which we need positivity more than ever. 

When we hear about more restrictions, and more limitations, and more cancellations, and more — well, you get the idea — it’s important to remember that good things still exist, even if it takes a reminder or two (or seven). 

Positivity Spreads, Too highlights some positive takeaways from COVID-19 from individuals in Texas, including an increase in altruism and gratitude, a decrease in pollution and interference with nature and more. Or, in other words, some good things. 


Lawrence Robinson, 20, second-year public health major and peer mentor at The University of Texas at Austin

– Currently in Waxahachie, Texas  

Amira Van Leeuwen, 19, journalism and mass communication sophomore at Texas State University and assistant opinion editor at The University Star

– Currently in Hondo, Texas 

Erin Quiroz, 21, exercise and sports science junior at Texas State University

– Currently in Edinburg, Texas

Dolores Cardona, 19, game room worker 

– Currently in Sebastian, Texas

Jacqueline Santillana, 20, second-year government major with a minor in public policy at The University of Texas at Austin and McDonald’s employee 

– Currently in Austin, Texas 

Alex Loma, 20, exercise and sports science sophomore at Texas State University 

– Currently in San Marcos, Texas

Julianna Hofmann, 25, full-time Catholic missionary with Saint Paul’s Outreach at Texas State University 

– Currently in San Marcos, Texas

Music: Horizons by Scott Buckley, Dreams by Firefl!es 

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