COVID-19 serves wrong order

by Jaime Covarrubias

AUSTIN— Season changes are hard to get used to when they come, but no one was ready for the significant changes for what COVID-19 had in store. March 16, 2020, an important date which impacted many several jobs to hard-working people. I had the opportunity to speak with Josue Villanueva, a server at Polvos Downtown, who gave the inside scope into how his everyday routine and how it has changed over the past few weeks. Josue has had the opportunity to take up painting, watch series on Netflix as well as save entertainment money. Despite the great gift of free time, Josue has had to face the dilemma of filing for unemployment. Josue’s story is one that can be related to in the way of having to adjust everyday routine into the new reality. COVID-19 is changing many lives, and it seems to be different for everyone. 

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