Finals, Stress And All That Fun Stuff

Every semester, finals week looms menacingly in the distance—drawing ever nearer. The students at Texas State University only have one more week to prepare before finals week strike. Students can be found cramming in libraries, taking swigs from their caffeinated beverages to stay focused and sleeping in any and all acceptable spaces. Alkek Library becomes a haven for students as they study all they can, while trying to balance out their mental health. 

How do students overcome these emotions? Texas State offers the Counseling Center, SLAC and other resources. The Counseling Center is offering more sessions before finals and SLAC helps students study in groups. Students shouldn’t let final exams get the best of them. It’s only a number. 

Video Story By Neil Manning

Graphic by Neil Manning
Graphic by Megan Wehring

Photo Story By Samuel Cravey

Audio Story By Megan Wehring

Finals Video Story by Atkyn Garza

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