HITCH a ride to Food Truck Heaven

The Hitch, which is where you can find food trucks with a variety of cuisine is located on the corner of C.M. Allen and E. Hopkins street.
Thomas Saunders, the manager at St. Pita’s heavenly eats hopes to eventually open up a brick and motor that provides the same kind of greek food.
This lovely delight is known as “The Classic” and can be ordered from the St. Pita’s food truck.
The Hitch is putting a new coat of paint on the tables. The white coat is just the primer.
Rene, a local paint contractor in San Marcos is putting new paint on the tables.
At the Hitch customers can play cornhole as well as other games.
The Hitch uses a very clever tactic to get customers to follow them on social media.
Fred Varella, owner of the Patty Wagon (one of the food truck’s at the Hitch) not only makes the burgers but he also delivers them to his customers!!
The shaved ice food truck known as Mambo freeze has something for everyone whether you like frozen yogurt, shaved ice or smoothies!!
A lovely view of St. Pita’s food truck, which specializes in Greek cuisine and the WANderlust food truck that specializes in vegan food.

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