Lone Star Rallycross

Audio and Photos by Wesley Higgins

Photo 1: The “Road Closed” highway sign greets each driver as they inch their way to the starting line.


Photo 2: An old blue Miata plastered with bumper stickers sits in the parking lot along with a few more rows of broken down Mitsubishis and Subarus.


Photo 3: Julian Hang and his Audi race through a straight away before drifting into a carousel turn.


Photo 4: Thomas Moore’s Mitsubishi Evo 8 launches from the starting line.


Photo 5: Brianne Corn and her red Miata drift through the end of a carousel turn.


Photo 6: Mitchell Fusco watches closely for any hit cones or penalties.


Photo 7: Thomas Moore kicks up dust as his Evo 8 whips through the final turns.


Photo 8: Adam Van Horn rockets his Impreza towards the finish.


Photo 9: Racers calculate their times before the winners are announced.


Photo 10: Adam Van Horn calmly traverses the dusty course.


Photo 11: Thomas Moore drifts around the last turn before racing across the finish line.


Video by Daryl Ontiveros

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