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Mochas & Javas caffeinates San Marcos by the cup full

The Mochas & Javas is a Texas-based chain of coffee shops within San Marcos and Frisco, Texas. The location on North LBJ has been a staple of San Marcos for years. The warm peaceful atmosphere in conjunction with endless coffee makes it a prime studying location for exhausted college students. Mochas & Javas was created by owner Kevin Carswell “when Kevin and his family saw the need for a comfortable gathering place, where the community could come together.”

Two Texas State students preparing for their exams though caffeine Sam Aiello – 20 year-old TXST student studying business marketing Charlette Loesch – 19 year-old TXST student that works for Survivor
The front door sign of the coffee shop works as a bat signal for tired college kids.
The front doors really let you know where you are.
The lighting sets the mood as soon as you walk in.
Barista Erica Jones completing a to-go order (She is 19 years old and moved here from Alabama).
View from bar where you can sit and watch them make your coffee.
This beautiful lighting fixture is located above the bar.
Barista Erica Jones making a Chai Latte.
An open coffee shop is a good coffee shop.
Barista Erica Jones putting the finishing touches on the Chai Latte.

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