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Religion has no Boundaries during COVID-19

COVID-19 has disrupted all aspects of life for the average American, but those who have confidence with their faith in God, offer a new perspective.

Yolanda Gaeta is a business owner and event planner in San Antonio, TX. She explained that, despite the outbreak of COVID-19, she still feels protected in all the chaos because of her strong relationship with God. Although Gaeta admits she worries about “the new norm”, she says her faith teaches her that society will always go through these kinds of events.

Minnie Munoz from Corpus Christi, TX, runs a non-profit organization that tutors at-risk children within the school district. Munoz is also a former pastor and does missionary work with her husband, Joseph Munoz, in Oaxaca, Mexico every summer where they plan a bible school for poverty-stricken children in the villages of Oaxaca.

Munoz said that her summer missionary trip has since been canceled due to the virus. However, Munoz explained that anyone that has a solid relationship with God does not need a building, such as a church, to find God.

Listen to the podcast for the full interviews.

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