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Residents express frustration regarding the San Marcos clown craze

Graphic by Liliana Rivera

By: Ashley Garcia

The clown epidemic happening nationwide has made its way to San Marcos, and some students are waiting for the clown hype to simmer down.

People dressed in clown costumes have been spotted in several states across the country scaring individuals, as well as threatening people through social media.

Parker Deck, a sophomore athletic training major said that he was terrified when he first learned about the clown craze in San Marcos.

“Most of the clowns just want to get a kick out of scaring some people and very few of them actually want to harm the people in

some way,” Deck said.

Tommy Cutler, a junior international studies major finds himself confused about the intentions of the clowns.

“Why are they doing something that seems so pointless and frankly stupid?” Cutler said.

Two apartment complexes in town have been affected by the clown commotion this month.

Campus police sent out an email this month informing staff, students and faculty about an assault that happened at the Bobcat Village apartments.

According to the email, the suspect was dressed as a clown. He was wearing a black and white striped jumpsuit, a green wig and had his face painted white with black around the eyes.

Alicia Vazquez, a senior public relations major is frustrated with the uproar of clowns.

“I think it’s just ridiculous that people are instilling fear in the students by showing up at places where they want to feel safe,” Vazquez said.

Residents at the Sanctuary Lofts apartment complex received a safety notice email after a clown with a chainsaw was spotted on the property. The complex assured residents that no one was hurt.

Video produced by Soraya Herbert

Deck is a resident at Sanctuary Lofts and he questions his safety a little more after finding out that a clown with a chainsaw was spotted where he lives.

“I was a little terrified that they had gotten into my apartment complex, but I felt better knowing that the threat was gone before I got back to my apartment,” Deck said.

Cutler is also a resident at Sanctuary Lofts. Opening the email from the Sanctuary management was eye opening for him, but he didn’t find it to be a big deal.

“I have mostly just laughed it off as ridiculous,” Cutler said. “Almost all my time in Sanctuary is spent inside my apartment and the apartment has a lock on it.”

Veronica Herrera, an exercise and sports science major is terrified of clowns, but she has no choice in staying away from potentially spotting a clown. Herrera walks to and from work at night, since she does not have a car.

“Sanctuary Lofts is supposed to be my safe place,” Herrera said. “I no longer walk through the garage any more. I’d rather take that long walk around, so I can see some light and cars passing by.”

Cutler is not afraid of being eye to eye with a clown, but it does make him a bit uncomfortable.

“If I were to encounter a clown I would probably mime as though I am carrying a concealed handgun,” Cutler said. “I typically carry a pocket knife with me, so I would probably flash that and hope it goes away.”

According to the email from Sanctuary Lofts management, the San Marcos Police Department and courtesy officers at Sanctuary will increase their patrols of the property.

Deck and Cutler said that they have not noticed a change in the amount of security.

“Maybe there has been an increase, but if so, I haven’t noticed it,” Cutler said. “I hardly notice security officers or employees, though I know there are a few.”

Sanctuary Lofts management advises its residence to read the Exhibit B safety guidelines from their lease.

Students traveling on campus at night are encouraged to use Bobcat Bobbies. Bobcat Bobbies can be contacted at 512-245-7233.

Audio Story By: Victoria Bassett

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