The San Marcos Unicycle Football League

By: Alexis Richard

The San Marcos Unicycle Football league encourage members of the San Marcos and Texas State community to come out and watch the weekly games on Sundays. Last Sunday, November 10, 2019 and like every Sunday, there was a Unicycle Football game between two teams, The Hotdogs and The Blackouts. The game is played on one-wheel unicycles with the style and flair of NFL football.

 The atmosphere is very warm and welcoming, and anyone can come and talk to everyone. Even the players make time to speak and engage before and after the game, even during their breaks. These players practice over and over to gain this unique skill. The sport is full of crazy and cool tricks, and many of them you wouldn’t think would be possible with a unicycle, human bodies, and a flying football.  The games are dog-friendly, just keep them off the game field, but more importantly, the San Marcos Unicycle Football league is all about supporting the community and being a part of their fun-spirited sport. 

Interested in coming out to a game, you can find more information from their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/UnicycleFootball/. To understand the league on a broader level, visit http://www.unicyclefootball.com.  

Sandy and Baldy supporting their team, The Hotdogs.
The Blackouts share their excitement to take on their opponent, The Hotdogs.
The Hotdogs riding into the game, ready to go.
The Blackouts are performing their team chant before the game starts.
Ladybird checking on Puddles after The Hotdogs undefeated play.
Former Unicycle football player, Andy still supports the league by running the marks alongside the referee.
Spacebird said, “Go Hotdogs,” to celebrate his team being in the lead.
The Hotdogs kick-off the game after half-time.
Touchdown for The Hotdogs. The Hotdogs cheer while The Blackouts give sportsmanship.
The final score of the game. The Hotdogs vs. The Blackouts.
The Hotdogs celebrating their win as a team.

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