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The Texas Millennial Perspective in a COVID-19 Era

SAN MARCOS, TX— With nearly 2,000,000 confirmed cases worldwide, the novel coronavirus or COVID-19 has changed all aspects of everyday life. For young Texan millennials, their situation is no different.

Currently, Texas has about 14,000 confirmed cases. On March 19, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed an executive order, announcing the closure of all Texas schools, dine-in restaurants, bars and businesses including a ban on get togethers of 10 people or more.

This sent many Texans, including young people who normally work in non-essential businesses, in a frenzy, leaving them with no job. Other were forced to work from home.

This event has led to a nationwide quarantine, and a strict enforcement of social distancing guidelines.

Edward Ybarra is a 24-year old graduate student at Texas State University who is working from home and is grappling with the effects of COVID-19 in San Marcos, Texas.

Ybarra, who says he has no health insurance, is trying his best to follow the proper social distancing guidelines to avoid contracting the virus and falling into financial debt.

21-year old Corpus Christi, Texas native Maddie Ortiz is an assistant manager at Great Clips who lost her job due to the virus and lives with her disabled grandmother who is among those at high risk for contracting the virus.

Listen to the interviews below.

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